Divine woman

Welcome to the Worthy Women Movement

The yearly Worthy Women Summit is a crucial part of the movement. This Summit will be one of the most inspiring and empowering FACE-TO-FACE events in 2023!

You will NOT want to miss out on this unique event.   

Are you an Intuitive Coach, Entrepreneur, Author/Writer, Speaker, Artist, Healer or Mystic?  Perhaps you work in a job or are even retired and you want to take time out just for you, connecting with other soulful, wise and wonderful women and investing in YOURSELF at the same time! A diverse group of women are attending with a collective energy of wisdom, knowledge and life experience.

Are you a woman who often feel like you are “running on empty” and you really want to stop that ongoing cycle, but it can be challenging for you to slow down? You know it’s time to start prioritising your own needs as well. You often say YES when you mean NO and you feel exhausted thinking everyone has to like and accept you. You know it’s also time to start trusting your higher self and listening to your inner-calling deep within your soul. You want to reignite your passion for your life!

It’s time to step more into your GREATNESS...
Community and Connection is how we RISE together as women.

It’s time for you to step more into your own version of the WORTHY WOMAN!

You will not want to miss out on this incredible 2-day Summit – Do not wait until the next one in 2024 as your time is now.

The Worthy Women Summit happening on the Gold Coast on 11th March and 12 March.

It’s the first of its kind and has it all! 

🌹 10 speakers from 4 different states

🌹 2 soulful performers

🌹 Fully Catered for

🌹 Generous Gift Bags

🌹 Fun, Music, Connection

🌹 Business Wisdom

🌹 Personal Development

🌹 Sound Healing

🌹 Live Performances

Introducing the new face of
The Worthy Woman

She is owning all of who she is unapologetically, in her feminine flow, courageous confident, sensual, magical, intuitive, compassionate, loving, wise, abundant and creative. She is embracing all of her intricate layers & her vulnerabilities and turning her lessons into blessings.


From my heart to yours, this is your invitation to be part of one of the most empowering LIVE events in 2023! Welcome to...

The Worthy Summit 2023

Join us on this inspiring, motivating, empowering and FUN journey. These 2-days will be like a vitamin pill for your heart, mind, body and soul.

Much love

This 2-Day experience includes:

🦋 Hand-selected power-house speakers to all help you rise in WORTH, WEALTH & WISDOM

🦋 Soulful performances, meditation and sound healing

🦋 Vibrant entertainment, along with motivational music

You will return home feeling courageous, re-energised with your passion for your business, self-love, spirituality and life being reignited.

You are so ready to do this!

Limited spaces available and tickets are going fast!

Want to bring a friend? Use coupon code 50FRIEND to receive a 50% discount


One payment of

$597 AUD

The Worthy Women Summit is a divine sanctuary where business is mixed with pleasure and where your senses will be heightened. You will step more you’re your inner-calling.

Your passion and purpose can be activated to new levels!

You know it’s time change that part of you that has been dimmed down and diminished. It’s time for you to rise and connect to that fierce but feminine part of you that will start to prioritise what is deeply important to YOU!

Let’s all RISE together like a phoenix, in our WORTH, WEALTH and WISDOM.

It’s time for you to take this opportunity to say a big YES to yourself and make the decision that you do not want to miss out on attending this unique, yet incredibly life-changing event.

There is no doubt that for you to step into your most incredible self, you need to honour, nurture and nourish not just your
body, but also your
heart, mind and soul.

Attending The Worthy Women Summit will help you to:

Step into your most glorious self as you embrace self-acceptance, radiate your true-self, amplify your self-awareness, whilst increasing your self-belief courage and self-confidence.


Surround yourself with likeminded soulful, creative women, evolving and celebrating together to raise the vibration of the feminine.

Reignite your spark as you rediscover your passion for your life and your business.

Allowing yourself to step fully into your greatest potential and create your most fabulous life with clarity and conviction.

Enjoy becoming more visible and stop shrinking away, diminishing your beautiful light, whilst releasing your self-doubt as you openly sharing your innate wisdom with others.

There will be so much wisdom, knowledge and life experiences shared at the event, including:

Stepping more into your courage and stopping those people-pleasing tendencies. Becoming more authentically YOU

Developing your client attraction radiance

Writing a soul-aligned book

You deserve love and abundance the goddess way

Embodying more inner-peace in your life

How to run a successful “million-dollar” retreat business

Reaching into your conscious & unconscious messages within

What do the colours you are attracted to really mean?

How to leverage your time, money and relationships.

The power of brand archetypes for building your personal brand or business brand.

The Worthy Women Summit is for you
if you deeply desire to:

🌹 Connect more deeply to your own creativity.

🌹 Utilise this event as a launching pad as you gather with like-minded, creative and highly spirted women.

🌹 Allow your most authentic self to shine through, empowering not only yourself but also the people you surround yourself with. Create healthier habits that enrich your life and your business.

🌹 Create a more loving relationship with self which will activate allows more “magic” to happen in your life.

🌹 Step boldly into your future self and know no-one can dim your gorgeous inner-light when you connect to that inner-goddess within.

🌹 Do not allow anything or anyone to take you off your true path.

🌹 Step boldly into your courage as you create stronger boundaries and stop the need to people-pleaser.

🌹 You no longer have to fear rejection as you know you can align with the right people.

You are the mirror gorgeous woman and it’s time to raise your vibration to a higher frequency so that you can increase ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life.

You are so ready to do this!

Limited spaces available and tickets are going fast!

Want to bring a friend? Use coupon code 50FRIEND to receive a 50% discount


One payment of

$597 AUD

Give yourself permission to join us and attend this incredible 2-day experience. When you are fully immersed in this experience you will enjoy a weekend of connection, celebration & fun.

Our mission is for you to go home energised and believing far more in yourself and moving forward to achieve your deepest desires. We know that powerful and magical shifts are inevitable when you take the time to stop, breathe, savour your surroundings and get connected to a group of other amazing and supportive women.  

We hope that you will love this event so much that your heart, soul, body and mind will be thanking you! Allow us to  spread happiness, inspiration and JOY and for you to be part of this

exceptional experience!

Founder/Key Note Speaker

Jo Worthy is the founder of The Worthy Women Summit and her innate purpose and vision has allowed her to create an event for women to not only come together, connect and have a fun and blissful weekend, but to also rise together in WORTH WEALTH & WISDOM.

Jo’s mission is to help YOU to connect to your incredible part of you as you step more into your courage and reclaim who you truly are. Like a beautiful rose, embrace all those intricate beautiful layers, whilst you connect more deeply to your pure heart.

Jo’s intention is to create one of the most empowering and unique LIVE events for 2023 which includes a dynamic program of a selection of power-house speakers, performers & entertainers, each who uniquely embody the feminine spirit.

Jo’s keynote is high energy and she will motivate you to own all parts of the WORTHY WOMAN and how you can claim her fully

Jo will inspire you to step even more into your own version of the WORTHY WOMAN her intention is to help you reignite your business, self-love, spirituality and LIFE.

Jo will lovingly & passionately guide you as she shares her valuable life lessons to help you understand that the WORTHY WOMAN resides in each and EVERY ONE OF US and that your soul is waiting for you to step into that part of you that has always been there – everything that you require resides within YOU!

Jo will outline in her keynote the 3 fundamentals to “Claiming Your Worthy Woman”. 

Jo’s mission is for each woman to become more joyful, peaceful and in their absolute creative bliss as they fully become their own magnificent version of a
Worthy Woman.

Jo is already excited as you are now part of this potent collective energy and is feeling that you as a woman, you are ready to create more magical powerful transformations and fly to new height beyond your wildest dreams.


Kelly Lowry

Kelly LOWRY  Director of IDTA, Property & Mindset Strategist, Developer, Speaker, Entrepreneur.

Kelly is a very experienced speaker and is a true entrepreneur with running various successful businesses over many years.   She is dynamic women who leads with PASSION, COMMITMENT and DRIVE.  A great example to other women that you can live a life that is both WORTHY, WEALTHY and WISE.

Kelly’s keynote is:

Leveraging time, money & relationships”.

Key Note Speakers

She D’Montford – Metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, speaker and former “Queensland Business Woman of the Year” and “Australian of the Year” nominee and all round extraordinaire is one of the keynote speakers!
You deserve love, you deserve prosperity. These things do not have to be a battle and She will share how we do not need to win these with the male paradigm. The Goddess Paradigm is gentle and easy. Glamorous, strong and irresistible, these are the 3 gifts of the goddess. How do you acquire them? She will share some valuable insights on how to acquire them and some simple techniques for working with the goddess energy to empower yourself.

She’s keynote is:


PJ Ashley 45 Minute Speaker

Patti-Jane Ashley will guide you through your subconscious and unconscious messages as you learn how to reignite your Passion; connect into your Purpose; and remind yourself of your Mojo, taking back control of your life and business successes. PJ has an amazing ability to take people on a journey of healing, delivering each and every member of the audience a powerful and personalised message that is called ‘Coding’, bringing precise clarity to your life and business.

Patti-Jane’s keynote is:  

“Reignite your Passion, Purpose and Mojo because your life and business matter!”


“Good News Sells - How to build your profile & profit with free publicity”

Aldwyn Attuney – AKA The Media Queen –

Aldwyn Altuney will speaking about “Good News Sells – How to build your profile & profit with free publicity”. Alwyn is a photojournalist, with over 39 years’ experience in TV, Radio, print and online media. Known as the “media Queen”, Aldwyn stands for truth, good news and animal welfare.

Vanessa Talbot

“The 6 essentials to develop client attracting radiance & influence”

Vanessa Talbot

The Goddess of Radiance & Influence for Coaches and Change Makers. Vanessa specialises in inspiring coaches to ignite their presence so that they get known, build a greater following or attract fans and naturally attract more clients.

Nessa 45 min speaker

"Our Energy Imprint - what colour reveals about your personality and programs"

Nessa Lovell  

The colours we surround ourselves with can hint at our personality traits and personal belief systems. Learn what your colours mean about you in this fun and engaging talk by Intuitive Artist, colour therapist and healer, Nessa Lovell.

“Building a Million Dollar Celebrity Attracting Retreat Business”

Liesel Albrecht
If you ever wanted to grow a million dollar, celebrity attracting retreat business would you? Does that seem impossilbe? Liesel Albrecht would have thought so as well, until she realised that if you have a goal in mind and your vision is strong and you lay your foundations well, that is all you need. Liesel will share with us her key 5 elements of how you can also create your own million dollar retreat business.  

“Building your Brand from the inside out with Brand Archetypes and The Secret to Writing and Publishing a
Soul Aligned Book”

Charli Fels

Imagine gaining so much clarity that every social media post, blog, presentation, email or phone conversation simply rolls off your tongue. Charli will expose you to the power of Brand Archetypes for building your personal brand or business brand.

Charli will in here second talk inspire you to publish your own book utilising both the masculine and feminine energies. She’ll bust some myths and get you enthusiastic about writing your book.

"Soul Felt Healing"

Michelle Renee – Soul Felt Healing

Michelle is a Sound Healer and will be taking you on a beautiful journey through a meditation to align the chakras combined with a sound healing to clear any blockages to bring you into a state of blissful harmony.

The Ambassador of Global Glamping Charities and the “Travel Connector” and the Queen of Connection as I refer to her as!

Denna Szwajkowski 

I have chosen Global Glamping Charities – solving homelessness in all forms, the wonderful “connection and travel queen” Denna is the ambassador of this charity and how amazing she will be speaking at the summit. The entire Worthy Women Movement, including the Co-Author Collaborative project with Charli Fels, will be supporting this very important and aligned charity.

“A soulful performance is a major component of the summit so women can drop into not only their bodies, come back to their beautiful hearts and connect more deeply to their soul. ”

Mignon Lee-Warden (Nee Mukti)

Music, including soulful performances is a major component of the summit so women can drop into not only their bodies, come back to their beautiful hearts and connect more deeply to their soul. I have 2 amazing performances planned over the 2-day summit. Firstly, from the incredibly gifted Mignon Lee-Warden (aka Mignon Mukti on You-tube). Mignon is not only an incredible sacred musician and spiritual entrepreneur she is also Event Music Production Manager. Mignon will be preforming at the event as well as managing all the music over the 2-days.


🦋 Sound Healing to awaken your heart & soul.

You are so ready to do this!

Limited spaces available and tickets are going fast!

Want to bring a friend? Use coupon code 50FRIEND to receive a 50% discount


One payment of

$597 AUD

A message from Jo

I created this event with my strong vision, intention and creativity so that like-minded soulful women can gather in an invigorating and tranquil space away from any other diversions

I am holding the space for every woman to come together in an exquisite space for business, pleasure, and fun with the chance to create lifelong friendships, connections and cherished exceptional memories.

My mission is to raise the feminine vibration to new heights as each woman awakens the GODDESS energy within.  To increase their self-love and feel even more empowered as they tune in and awaken their most magnificent self.

Along with my speakers, soulful entertainment, motivating music and lots of fun, are you ready to be inspired, spoilt and celebrated as you rise up in WORTH, WEALTH AND WISDOM?

If so, I so look forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with you and entering a sacred sanctuary of beauty, bliss, peace, joy and FUN together.

What an honour and how exciting it will be to witness your transformations, gorgeous goddess.

My charity of choice for this event is Global Glamping Charities as I am passionate about helping the homelessness and also supportive DV victims and women in business. 


Much love


Jo Worthy and her team will do everything within their power to help you have an amazing time at the event, however, there are no guarantees that you will enjoy this experience and have profound shifts. You will need to be fully immersed in the 2-days and be prepared to make the necessary changes in your life, taking full responsibility and accountability. We hereby do not take on this responsibility.